Pea & Bean Weevil

Pea and Bean weevil – Sitona lineatus

pea and bean weevil peabeanweevildamage

Pea and bean weevil is a grey brown weevil with characteristic snout. It feeds on leaves, producing u shaped notches but it is its larvae that produce most of the yield reductions in beans. Eggs are laid on the soil and the larvae hatch, burying into the soil to feed on the roots. Pea and bean weevil can dramatically reduce root nodule formation and thus nitrogen fixation.

Control of pea and bean weevil centres around the adults. Pyrethroid ('Hallmark', 'Dovetail' and 'Decis', cypermethrin (various) 'Contest', 'Fury') insecticides are applied in the spring once leaf notches become apparent. A second application 3 weeks after the first is often beneficial if infestations are high as this controls the adults hatching from larvae, laid as eggs by the first migrators into the crop.