Honey – Very short strawed, very stiff straw with good early maturity. Large grain size similar to Wizard. Should offer good potential for export market usage in some seasons. (TGW 692). Honey may be a better choice of variety in certain geographical situations where early maturity or shorter straw are key requirements. Benefits from higher seed rates than other varieties.

Wizard - Very high yielding, largest seeded variety available with excellent premium export potential. Very good ratings for straw strength, shortness of straw, earliness of maturity, combined with good Ascochyta resistance. Grains are pale skinned and suited to either the animal feed market or the North African premium export market where they are used for splitting for Falafel. Protein content is above average at 26.9%, seed is large (TGW 678). Wizard is suited to growing in all parts of England on a wide variety of soil types and is the widely grown variety.

Bumble - The joint highest yielding winter bean variety on the PGRO RL 2017. Bumble has moderate length straw, good standing ability and relatively early maturity. Like the hugely popular variety Wizard, Bumble has large grain and a pale hilum and is suitable for export as well as for the animal feed market.

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