Winter bean Autumn/Winter 2016 - News

The crop which seems to have withstood the excessive rain during June this year was winter beans. Where growers were able to keep on top of the disease pressure then flower production and pod set continued relatively unhampered. Subsequently crops were yielding consistently around 4.5 to 5 t/Ha. Winter beans were by far the best performing pulse crop this harvest on many farms.

Honey is the stiffest and earliest variety available. On farm yields where disease has been controlled were very good, with nice bold grain of an even size. Crops in the North and West again produced manageable crops and many were at least 7/10 days ahead of spring beans. Honey has increased its market growth in these geographical regions for 2017.

Wizard continues to yield on farm and stood well in the field this season, many samples have been of a good even size and are like Honey ideal for the export market. Wizard will continue to be the go-to variety of Winter beans, asked for by name in Egypt and trusted for its unique seed shape and even bold grain.

Bumble, in both official trials and seed production yielded well and it is likely to maintain is position as one of the highest yielding varieties on the RL. The variety did react differently this season with taller straw than previously seen, however quality looks to be very encouraging with large bold grain being produced.

Winter Beans began in general in the middle of October, unless other geographical conditions dictated. Winter beans can be established using a variety of techniques from ploughing in to drilling conventional either into plough, min till or direct drilled. A good drilling depth should be observed, particularly with earlier sowings as forward winter growth should be avoided if possible, otherwise early disease will develop.

Establishment of winter beans is perfect from mid Oct through to mid November, but can be safely sown right though into January with adjustments to the agronomy.